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As many people have seen, there was a story on YWN last week, where inaccurate information concerning the victims of the holocaust was conveyed in a Youtube video by a kiruv Rabbi. At times, well-meaning people might inadvertently convey inaccurate information — and these words can hurt people. I had reached out to the Rabbi with the correct and accurate statistics. That there are parallel opposite forces that exist in the world. When there is great kedushah there is also great tumah. The greatest evil of the past century, of course, was the manifestation of the Nazi beasts who roamed Europe, and virtually wiped out European Jewry. The evil that was the Nazis was a force of tumah impurity — that threatened the entire world. How was the world cleansed of this dark and sinister tumah?

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When I saw the name “Yosef Chai Mizrachi,” I gasped. Twice they had set a date for this operation, and both times Yemima and her husband had asked.

Dates figure prominently in Charoset, the symbolic food that Jews eat on Passover, throughout the Arab world. In this version from Iraq, dates are used in syrup form, and mixed together with walnuts and lemon juice. Photo: Alix Wall This article was updated April 1, When Passover begins this week, first seder is Friday night, April 19 those participating in seders — ritual Passover meals — will eat symbolic foods like charoset, a fruit and nut mixture that represents the mortar Jews used as slaves in Egypt.

The word charoset comes from the Hebrew word for clay, heres. For most American Jews whose ancestors are Ashkenazi , meaning they come from Eastern Europe, charoset hardly varies; the mixture is made with chopped apples, chopped walnuts, sweet Passover wine, like Manischewitz, a little honey, and perhaps cinnamon.

Whether your family came from Russia, Poland or Hungary, they probably made it that way and most likely still do. But for Mizrachi Jews — whose families come from the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucuses — the traditional staple is entirely different, and it varies from country to country. Just as apples are the main ingredient in the European version, dates are a staple in the Arab world, and so they are found in nearly every Mizrachi recipe.

Jews from the East are also more likely to use fruits mentioned in the Bible, so figs and raisins are also common.


Mizrachi was founded in as a religious faction in the World Zionist Organization. Many religious Jews, including famous rabbis, joined the movement of political Zionism, which worked toward the establishment of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel. Reines believed that the Zionist movement must be dedicated exclusively to a political goal, and he led the fight against the inclusion of cultural activities in the Zionist program. After the Fifth Zionist Congress, however, when the strength of the “cultural” camp grew and official permission was granted to establish factions federations within the framework of the Zionist Organization.

Reines decided to found a federation of religious Zionists. Toward this end, he convened the founding convention in Vilna on March 4—5, , and it established the national-religious organization within the Zionist Organization.

Controversial Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi told COLlive his criticism of accepting donations from non-religious Jews was not against Chabad.

Yosef Mizrachi was born in Israel. In , Mizrachi began dedicating himself to Orthodox Judaism outreach , and in , Mizrachi left his professional career and began learning and teaching Torah at Yeshivat Ohr Yisrael in Monsey. Mizrachi discussed his Semikhah rabbinical ordination credentials in a January 9, radio interview with Zev Brenner. When asked if he has Semikhah, Mizrachi stated that he lacks such Semikhah which involves testing and is common among Synagogue rabbis.

However, Mizrachi explained that he has received certification in recognition of his Torah background by Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim qualifying him to be a rabbi. Mizrachi founded a Kiruv organization in As of , the organization has handed out thousands of these audio and video disks. In early , before a lecture tour in London , concern was expressed about statements by Mizrachi in his previous lectures relating to the behaviour of secular and religious Jews during the Holocaust [7] suggesting that Down Syndrome and autism are “punishments for sins committed in a previous life” and among others.

In December , in one of his lectures, Mizrahi claimed that it is possible that only one million Jews died in The Holocaust as opposed to the well accepted figure of 6 million, since many of them were not Jewish according to Jewish law which requires a person’s mother to be Jewish. After hearing a false report that the October Pittsburgh synagogue shooting took place during a bris ceremony for the son of a gay couple, Mizrahi blamed the shooting on the allegedly sinful behavior of the congregation.

Rabbis Gone Wild — About Modesty and (Gasp!) Zumba

Aug 25 5 Elul Torah Portion. I could picture the bubbies in the shtetl crying with their books of Psalms, but me? When my doctors were stumped for a diagnosis, the uncertainty was as scary as the physical symptoms. The tingling sensations in my body and the spine demyelination suggested a future of becoming wheelchair bound. My physicians narrowed it down to some variety of auto-immune disease, but not one expert could put a name on my condition.

Apr 18, – Visit Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Website – information.​com/ Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Facebook.

Slifkin also references a report from a edition of herpetological review all amphibians, all of the time! The four realms of meaning mountain at the bottom of meaning mountain is the bottom-dwelling realm, the land of the sloths, miscreants, narcissists, predatory hedonists, fops, dandies, pathological liars, impostors, grifters, mountebanks, snake oil salesmen, and other members of the moral dissolution club. If all fell to the ground, then paul, who was with the group of men, fell to the ground also.

Just because one verse says all and the other mentions only paul, does not mean there is a problem. After a brief period of hollering and arguing, the rabbi finally got the brothers to reconcile their differences and shake hands with each other. The blog, published every thursday, is meant to show that faith and skepticism are not mutually exclusive.

From reader review the skeptic and the rabbi: falling in love with faith for online ebook. Judy’s memoir is such a refreshing book and the pleasurable read. Award-winning photo of a man standing in a snow field and staring at the milky way, which is pointing upward. Responding to a recent symposium on rabbi joseph soloveitchik’s article on the propriety of christian-jewish dialogue, this essay begins by assessing several arguments put forth by soloveitchik. Rabbi meir thinks social morality is the primary sign of humanity.

Farming brings about relatively dense settlements, property disputes, government and hierarchies.

Bored of Apples and Walnuts? Try Adding Date Charoset to Your Passover Table This Year

He is expected to move to the area in August and begin work with the Vaad soon after. In his current position he is responsible for kashrut of the WJCC facility and serves as rabbinic administrator and field agent of the Wellington office of Kosher Kiwi Licensing Authority, serving companies around New Zealand. He also conducts all religious events and services; serves as principal of WJCC Hebrew School and educator for adult lectures and programs; officiates lifecycle events; and provides pastoral care and counseling.

Vaad Board President Jeff Goldenberg said the search committee interviewed many qualified candidates over the past year and the Vaad is lucky to have found Rabbi Mizrahi.

Yosef Mizrachi (Hebrew: יוסף מזרחי‎, born ) is a controversial Sefardi Haredi rabbi and founder of Divine Information Outreach, an Orthodox Jewish outreach.

Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Does Orthodox Judaism promote compassion and non-judgment or fire and brimstone? As a secular Jew growing up, I believed it represented the latter. There was nothing appealing to me about it. But what about public speakers who focus on the punishment, claim to know the mind of God, and condemn those who disagree with them? Unfortunately, such voices exist in the Orthodox Jewish world.

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Hundreds have signed a petition calling for Britain to bar a visit by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, an Israeli-born New York rabbi who has sparked controversy for reportedly suggesting that autism and Down syndrome are the consequence of sins committed in a previous life, the London-based Jewish News website reported Monday. The Jewish Chronicle of London reported that Mizrachi’s website previously made reference to a visit to Britain from September 16 to 18, but said the reference to the visit has been removed.

For his part, Mizrachi, who heads the Orthodox outreach Kiruv Organization and has more than 25, followers on his Facebook page, told the Chronicle that he doesn’t have a date for his visit to Britain.

Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi connected with me through a long, earnest conversation. He emphatically explained that I should say Psalms and cry. Whoa! I was.

By subscribing I accept the terms of use. Politics Diaspora Opinion. Jerusalem Post Diaspora. Hundreds protest UK visit of rabbi who said Down Syndrome caused by past sins Rabbi Mizrahi, who in the past has reduced the number of Holocaust victims, has postponed his visit to the UK following a petition against his appearance in the nation. Subscribe for our daily newsletter. Hot Opinion. Israel-UAE deal, who’s to thank and what will it lead to? Most Read. Reporters’ Tweets.

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גלי עטרי – אין לי ארץ אחרת Ein li eretz acheret (I have no other country)

Rabbi yosef mizrachi phone number Yitzhak counters that Mizrachi sent thugs to threaten him physically. As of Rabbi Mizrachi has spoke in more than lectures, participated in many weekend seminars, radio shows, and others in English and Hebrew. Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi is available for Lectures, Seminars and Classes accompanied by computerized presentations on all Jewish topics. There were, however, a number of rabbis who were named Yishmael. Powered By ShulCloud.

He most recently told Rabbi Chulak that Messiah is already here with both feet · Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi הרב יוסף מזרחי 31, views MaShiach Or years ago a rabbi he identified as Horowitz set the date for the messiah’s.

Seabrook had been out on bail while he fought the case. To continue reading, click here. These facilities have volunteered to devote part or all of their buildings exclusively to treating COVID patients, who bring in more government money. Skip to content Home Uncategorized. Pick your poison, it likely applies or has already been said. There is nothing unique to religious Judaism except a desire to remain secluded, with the single exception of the Eiruv — also a point of contention in many areas of the world but one that is easily rectifiable without need for segregated housing.

In the US if any other race, religion or culture demanded segregated housing one would slide down a remarkably slippery slope of institutionalized segregationist policy. Yet, somehow Jews are protected from the absurdity of it all, held above the fray.

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Make sure your point of view is represented in the next World Zionist Congress. Slates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot chosen by random selection. Each person can only register and vote one time. Registration and voting can be most easily be done anytime in minutes online from your computer, smartphone, tablet or mobile device. Payments can be made by credit card, e-check, Paypal and other methods. Votes are secret and are recorded by Votem Corp.

Rabbi’s Shabbat Shiur: Making Sense of Shacharit, Part 4 date. He was considered an international expert on the Holy Land and discovered.

He was His death was announced by Avigdor Kaplan, the director of Hadassah Medical Center in the Ein Kerem neighborhood of Jerusalem, where the rabbi had been treated. It set off a huge outpouring of grief and one of the biggest events the city has seen. By police estimates, , people — almost one-tenth of the population of Israel — swept into the streets and onto rooftops along the route of the funeral procession, many of them chanting prayers and tearing their clothes in a show of grief that brought much of the city to a standstill.

Rabbi Yosef, instantly recognizable by his lush gray beard, gold-embroidered robe, turban and dark glasses, embodied a particular blend of religion, tradition, populism and ethnicity. As the leader of a Sephardic council of Torah sages that founded Shas in the early s, he harnessed the underdog sentiment of many non-European Israeli Jews, worked to restore their pride and turned them into a potent political force.

In , he was awarded the prestigious Israel Prize for rabbinical literature. Elituv said. In one landmark ruling that challenged the traditional Ashkenazi Orthodox camp, Rabbi Yosef determined that it was permissible for Israel to concede territory in return for true peace, based on the Halakhic principle that saving lives comes above all. But he and the Shas Party began to take a more hawkish line, especially after , as the peace process dissolved into the violence of the second intifada.

In another unconventional ruling, the rabbi allowed hundreds of women whose husbands were missing after the war to remarry, although, traditionally, remarriage is allowed only after a woman has received a religious bill of divorce from her former husband or there is incontrovertible proof that her former husband has died. Sharon had a devastating stroke in early and remains in a coma.

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Rabbi Mizrachi is a world renowned speaker proving that the Torah given to us by The Biggest Threat To The Jewish Nation Torah, Marriage, Dating, Big.

Each staff member is a gem in their own right and brings distinct experience, warmth and knowledge to the broader Kesher vision. The staff at Kesher are devoted to the students, and the students feel and know this, and encourages them to excel beyond what anyone could have expected. Rabbi Joey Haber, one of the pillars of the Sephardic community, and the lead Rabbi at Kesher, has very deep roots in the community. His father is a community rabbi for over four decades and his mother is extremely active with thousands of young women in the community.

His grandfather, Charlie Serouya, started the first youth Minyan in the community and is believed by many to be the individual that kept the community connected to Torah and Mitzvot in the early years in America, a connection remains strong and deep until today. Rabbi Haber is the Dean of Religious studies at Magen David yeshiva High School, where he has built positive relationships with thousands of young adults from the community. For the past 15 years, Rabbi Haber has been delivering very popular Shiurim which are attended by many people, in his synagogue as well as in most of the synagogues in the Sephardic community, including the Dome of Shaare Zion on a consistent basis.

Rabbi Haber is also a popular speaker for many organizations and travels the country and the globe delivering speeches to sold out crowds. Rabbi Yosef Semah. Rabbi Semah, originally from Deal, NJ has been at Kesher for 2 years and is a well-liked mentor to our boys. He believes that the work he is doing at Kesher is life-saving, as it connects those who are very far away from Torah to the community’s rabbis, giving them a chance at spiritual growth they otherwise would not have ever had.

Rabbi Semah maintains a close relationship with his students, one that will guide them for a lifetime. Rabbi Norman is our 12th Grade advisor.

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